CONSIS Customer Care Training Program

As part of your 2020 CONSIS® Customer Care Program (CCP) entitlements, we encourage our CONSIS family to participate in the 2020 CONSIS® customer training.

These all-inclusive refresher training courses are a valuable component of your Customer Care Program and ensures you continue to gain maximum benefits from your CONSIS® solution.

We have recently launched our online training program. We would like to invite you to nominate a key CONSIS® staff member to attend either the Foundation or Intermediate training programs free of any charge.

Foundation eLearning Course

Our Foundation elearning program is an excellent opportunity for new dispensary staff to gain valuable insight into managing the robot. 

Intermediate Course

Our Intermediate elearning program for existing staff can enhance the operation and maintenance of your CONSIS® 

CONSIS. User Guides

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Download a pdf CONSIS User Guide as a quick reference guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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