Acrylic Social Distancing Screen

$250.00 +GST

Made in Australia, our Acrylic Social Distancing Screen is designed to help protect your staff and customers.  The sturdy wrap around design ensures that the screen sits securely on your service counter and is attached with double sided tape.

The screen is 600 mm(w) x 800mm (h) x 200mm (return) and comes with four lengths of tape.  The gap at the bottom is 450mm wide x 200mm high which allows ample room to  serve your customers whilst maintaining social distance.

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The Acrylic Social Distancing Screen is delivered with double sided tape and is ready to be self-installed at your dispensing and checkout counters.

The screen comes with four lengths of tape to secure the screen to your countertop. The size of the screen is 600 mm(w) x 800 mm (h) x 200mm (return)


Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 23 cm


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