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    Pharmacy dispensing automation robots have revolutionised the traditional landscape of medication distribution. 

    Our CONSIS B and CONSIS C robots, equipped with advanced technology, streamline the dispensing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while reducing human error. By integrating barcode scanning and inventory management systems, the robots can precisely identify and dispense the correct medication and dosage for each patient, minimising the risk of medication errors and improving patient safety. Moreover, with their ability to work continuously without fatigue, these robots enhance the pharmacy’s operational capacity, allowing pharmacists and pharmacy staff to focus on patient care, ultimately optimising the overall workflow of the pharmacy.

    Pharmacy dispensing automation robots can play a crucial role in improving medication adherence and patient outcomes. 

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of Australian pharmacy, the integration of pharmacy robotic dispensing is a game-changer. However, a design focus of integration of robotics into the dispensary is often forgotten.   

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    "A collaboration between acclaimed UK designer Keith Anderson and the team at Willach has produced a state of the art pharmacy that presents a quality health service image to our customers and allows us to operate very efficiently.“
    CONSIS Case Studies
    Romi Onas Pharmacist
    Slade Pharmacy
    Our management team identified we needed to overhaul our pharmacy operation to remain viable for the long term. Willach was able to offer the expertise, support and service to achieve our goals; from consultation through to design and implementation. The result has streamlined our workflow making our staff much more efficient and most importantly allowing the pharmacists more time with our customers. Our Willach dispensary now meets the demands of our business today and safeguards our future.
    Julie Ryan CEO
    Community Care Chemists
    In some ways the CONSIS is marketing our store for us because customers are spreading the word – they love the reduced waiting time and the fact that it all happens in front of you. It provides a great opportunity for our pharmacists to talk to customers about their health and any complementary medicines they might need. It’s proving a great way to increase companion purchases. It has brought back a level of enjoyment for the pharmacists. Looking after people is what our job is all about; now there’s more time to engage with customers and provide advice.
    Tim Hodgson Managing Pharmacist and Partner
    Brisbane Myer Centre Terry White Chemists

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