FAMA Drawers

FAMA Drawer Systems

FAMA drawers are Europe’s leading pharmacy drawer system. No other drawer system offers the compact storage capacity and perfect organisation that the patented technology of the FAMA drawers delivers.

Constructed from powder coated steel, the durability of the drawers provides unequivocal longevity and return on investment. All drawers are made with wire mesh bases that keep contents clean and eliminate dust collection as well as allowing for easy visibility of items in overhead drawers. A self-closing mechanism is standard in all of the drawers and enhances the ergonomics and convenience of the units.

Available as high capacity full height FAMA.K, FAMA.DAA or versatile FAMA.M comfort, the drawer systems provide the ultimate compact storage solution when space is limited.

FAMA Drawer Types

FAMA Drawers
FAMA Drawers
FAMA Drawers

Forget what you know about ordinary drawers

The FAMA Drawers are Europe’s leading pharmacy drawer system. No other drawer system offers the compact storage, high capacity and perfect organisation that the patented technology of the FAMA drawers delivers.

FAMA.K Drawers

The FAMA.K drawers are one of the most compact storage solutions; with one FAMA.K 1200 unit providing 30 linear metres of storage on a 0.5m2 footprint.

Drawers are available in two depths as well as single and double height options. 

Standard features include a fixed central divider, movable cross dividers and subdividers and can be configured without dividers if required.

A key feature of the FAMA.K is the integrated carriage step which enables easy access to top drawers and has a self-return mechanism for safety and convenience.

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    FAMA Drawers

    FAMA.M Comfort Drawers

    The FAMA.M comfort drawers include Willach’s latest engineering and design, combining functional flexibility with ergonomic features such as easy pull opening mechanism, auto close with soft stop mechanism and a fully open lock system—allowing the drawer to remain open when fully extended.

    The versatility of the FAMA.M comfort drawers allows them to be utilised in various work environments such as underbench workstation drawers, multiple unit underbench storage or built up to custom heights to maximise capacity on a minimal footprint.

    FAMA.M comfort drawers are available in 2 depths; 450mm and 550mm as well as a combination of 3 widths and 2 height options with various configuration combinations possible. A variety of cross dividers, sub-dividers, label holders, an optional stationary drawer and other accessories complete the highly efficient time and space saving benefits of this system.

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      FAMA.DAA Drawers

      The FAMA.DAA is a specifically designed for storage of dose administration aids and provide the most effective storage for DAA’s, keeping patient blisters neatly organised, easy to find and undamaged. This greatly improves efficiency, minimises error and reduces costs—all in a compact space saving system.

      Similarly, to the other FAMA drawers, the DAA drawers are manufactured from powder coated steel with mesh bases, providing reliable and durable storage that requires no maintenance or cleaning.

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        FAMA Drawers

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