Intermediate training is a course that focuses on advancing the skills in managing your CONSIS an is for key user of the CONSIS in the pharmacy.

Every state/territory will have an ADVANCED training session run in their capital city in 2021. (COVID-19 dependant)

While it will cover troubleshooting and common CONSIS errors, there will not be a CONSIS present for hardware training. For this reason, this training is only suitable for dispensary staff members who have already completed the Fundamentals Training course.

Course Content

  • Efficiency in the dispensary, best practice workflow 
  • Troubleshooting any problems/issues attendees may want to address
  • Using the CONSIS Error report to help identify and fix common CONSIS mistakes
  • Stock management best practice and creating an efficient ordering process
  • Comprehensive review of CONSIS reports (as brought by each individual attendee) using the knowledge gained throughout the day to create an action plan for optimising the CONSIS

Expression of Interest

If you would like to register for the Intermediate Course to be run in your state, please enrol below and our training manager will be in contact.

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