Any IT changes e.g. a change to your dispense software provider and/ or changes to your server will be quoted. Full payment upfront will be required.

If you have any questions in relation to the pay as you go support program, please contact your Regional Manager.

Technical Support

This service is for those customers who have machines which are no longer on the service and maintenance contract program. Support for your robotics can be accessed on a pay as you go basis. To gain access to the phone support, pre-purchase the amount of time you estimate you need, with a minimum of 30 minutes.

Technical Phone Support is available in increments of 30 minutes and purchases are only valid for 24 business hours.

If your issue cannot be resolved and requires a mechanical technician to attend your pharmacy, within 48 hours you will be quoted the repair costs including time, travel and parts. Upon acceptance and an upfront deposit paid, your job will be scheduled at the next available time and communicated with you. The balance of payment including parts used will be required within 7 days of the repair being undertaken.

(This service is not available on Saturday and Sunday or Public holidays)

  • Purchase the time you require
  • Your phone support request will be dealt with by the next available technician
  • We will troubleshoot your technical issue and resolve if possible
  • If we are unable to resolve the technical issue, we will prepare a quote for attendance at your Pharmacy

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