Workshop Training

We understand that not everyone learns the same way and have opted to retain the workshop learning program for those people who prefer to learn face to face.

Your CONSIS Customer Care program includes the attendance of 1 attendee per year at a workshop-based training session.



This is the traditional entry level training program. It is suitable for new dispensary staff members, or dispensary staff members who haven’t attended CONSIS training before or have not attempted the Foundation online training.

It is expected that attendees have a basic understanding of dispensary operations and experience in dispensing prescriptions with pharmacy dispensing software.

The program is conducted in the Willach Training Facility in Melbourne.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this training program attendees will understand at a Foundational level:

  • Components of the CONSIS Robot
  • CONSIS Software functions and the apoplication of daily duties
  • General concepts of CONSIS inventory maintenance
  • Dispensing software functions
  • Troubleshooting - How to contact the CONSIS Service line for support

Training Content

  • CONSIS Hardware: moving shelves, adjusting & creating channels, product alignment
  • Operating CONSIS software
  • CONSIS integration with dispensing software
  • Managing CONSIS inventory
  • Using reports to optimise the CONSIS
  • Troubleshooting simple errors

How to Enrol

  • Complete the registration form indicating your preferred date.
  • We will email a confirmation to you which includes organising your travel and accommodation in Melbourne.

Workshop Dates

  • Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions we are unable to deliver face to face workshops.
  • We have created a replacement webinar program in the interim.


This workshop is aimed at senior level pharmacy staff, predominantly working in the dispensary that includes the management of all or parts of the general dispensary operations and stock. Participation assumes a high level of experience in a dispensary with an existing CONSIS. This training is only suitable for people who have already completed Foundation and Intermediate skills units.

Participants will improve their knowledge in the management and maintenance of the CONSIS as well as discuss more complex dispensary operational issues, to ensure that the CONSIS is supporting efficiencies in the dispensary workflow. 

This program is run in each state and at major regional centres. 

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this training program attendees will understand at a Foundational level:

  • All of the components of the CONSIS Robot
  • CONSIS Software functions and error report management
  • Best practice inventory maintenance
  • How to use the CONSIS management reports to create efficiencies in the dispensary
  • Intermediate level trouble shooting

Training Content

  • Efficiency in the dispensary and best practice workflow 
  • Stock management best practice and creating an efficient ordering process
  • Troubleshooting any problems/issues attendees may want to address
  • Using the CONSIS Error report to help identify and fix common CONSIS mistakes
  • Comprehensive review of CONSIS reports (as brought by each individual attendee) using the knowledge gained throughout the day to create an action plan for optimising the CONSIS

How to Enrol

  • Email training@willach.com.au to register your attendance, please indicate the state and location of the training
  • We will email a confirmation to you confirming the venue and specify the CONSIS management reports you need to bring.

Workshop Dates

  • Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions we have not finalised workshop dates for 2020
  • Training dates will be communicated through the Willach newsletter and please check this website for up to date information.


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