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Transition to Navigator 6

Over the coming months Willach Australia is transitioning the software running your CONSIS robot to Navigator. For some pharmacies, this represents an upgrade from the existing CTS user interface and for others it is an update from a legacy Navigator version.

The change in user interface is like an upgrade on your phone software. The basic functionality will be the same, however the computer program will have a modern look and feel.

There are significant improvements:

  • Increased security and data protection
  • Optimised user experience
  • New reporting
  • A new PC with improved performance
This resources page is designed to support your pharmacy with the changes.


There are a number of tools which will be made available to support you through the upgrade including: 

  • Navigator software quick reference guides
  • CTS to Navigator Mapping Guide
  • Navigator Software How to Videos

Navigator Software Quick Reference Guides

Download our guides to help guide you through troubleshooting questions for CONSIS® Navigator Software.

Starting the CONSIS Software
Restarting the CONSIS Software
How to fill the CONSIS with Stock
How to request a drug from the CONSIS
Understanding CONSIS shelves
Adding drugs to CONSIS
Adding channels for a drug
How to remove and delete channels
How to perform a stocktake
Understanding the management report

CTS to Navigator Mapping Guide

To see specific changes from CTS, download the mapping guides.

CTS to Navigator Mapping Tool

Download the complete Navigator Software user guide

Download the How to Guide

This Guide explains;

  1. How to select your transition approach
  2. Where to start/how to prioritise
  3. Understanding the CONSIS shelves
  4. How to use the mapping tool

Navigator software how to videos

Adding a new drug to Navigator
How to empty & delete drugs to Navigator
How to find free channels in Navigator
Loading a new drug to Navigator
Adding & removing drugs using FRED
Adding bottles to your CONSIS
Adding packages to your CONSIS
Preparing a new channel in your CONSIS

To explore the training program available through Willach, please visit our training page 

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