CONSIS Case Studies

"We were lucky to start with a blank canvas"

Romi Onas, Managing Pharmacist

Slade Pharmacy implemented FAMA K large capacity drawers and FAMA MX under bench drawers for slow moving items; FAMA MX under bench drawers for ultra fast moving items, scripts waiting to be collected and scheduled medication.

A collaboration between acclaimed UK designer Keith
Anderson and Willach produced a state of the art pharmacy.

Maximise your staff, stock and space

Priceline Forster

Gavin and the team implemented a CONSIS.B3 Robot for 10 days worth of fast moving stock, FAMA.K for slow moving and miscellaneous item, and drawers for scripts ready and waiting. Since implementation there has been a huge increase in scripts and in 2019 the team upgraded to a CONSIS.B5.

Wyndham Vale Pharmacy

The CONSIS.B robotic dispenser can be integrated into the workflow of your pharmacy seamlessly and without difficulty. The compact design takes up minimal space and delivers maximum flexibility and performance.

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