The latest in pharmacy robotic automation.

Latest technology with stunning design and great usability.

The new Consis C pharmacy robot, built using the latest technology platform, meets the highest user requirements for functionality, ease of use and efficiency.

The sleek, modern lines of the Consis C show that even the smallest of details have been thought of. With its large modern touch screen, dual laneway, and no visible screw heads, this machine is simply stunning.

Intuitive user experience with large touchscreen.

The robot has an integrated touchscreen which controls all of its functions. The position of the input screen can be customised to the height of each user.

Fingerprint Reader

Password protection and a fingerprint reader facilitate simple and secure access to the control buttons, input screens and robot interior.

Fast Stocking

The feeder belt has two lanes, which speeds up the stocking process doubling the capacity of the feeding buffer.

Dispensing Robot door with integrated dispensing flap.

There are up to twelve delivery points available. The dispensing flap in the robot door is ideal for DAA packing stock collection. The guiding track of the height adjustable tray fits discretely into the narrow gap between the glass panel and the door frame.

Automation to improve space utilisation.

This machine was designed with pharmacists’ input and user requirements at the forefront of its development.

The sophisticated construction maximises storage capacity whilst still providing ample room should you need to access the interior.

The glass shelves are 1000 mm wide, allowing for more packages to be stored next to each other without wasting space. The 500 mm deep shelves provide for a greater number of packages to be stocked in each row.

Vertical storage capacity is improved through a unique 4 mm glass shelf design and innovative shelf brackets. This also reduces the load on the building floor and requirements for structural engineering.

Intuitive user experience with large touchscreen.

All of the robot’s functions can be controlled from the distinctive touchscreen, which is flush-mounted in the door. Its tablet-like operation and response make it intuitive to use.

The portrait format touchscreen means that the control buttons and input screen can be displayed at an ergonomic height for each user, which is attached to the user profile triggered by their fingerprint or password.

The screen displays stock information, dispensing processes and live images from inside the robot via a gripper mounted camera.


Four laser sensors for optimum control and measurement in all stocking and dispensing situations


Four laser sensors for optimum control and measurement in all stocking and dispensing situations


Four laser sensors for optimum control and measurement in all stocking and dispensing situations


Four laser sensors for optimum control and measurement in all stocking and dispensing situations


Four laser sensors for optimum control and measurement in all stocking and dispensing situations

Robust, directly driven high-precision gripper fingers can access glass shelves up to approx. 500 mm deep

Push Finger

Camera for remote support and transmission of live images to the touchscreen

Integrated spotlights ensure a perfectly lit, top-quality image

The latest gripper technology.

One of the most compact grippers on the market ensures excellent use of storage capacity from the floor to the ceiling.

Willach Numbers

Four laser sensors for optimum control and measurement for stocking and dispensing

Simplified Stocking.

The intermittent loading methodology stocks packages and bottles quickly and easily. Scan the products, place them on the feeder belt and the robot does the rest.

The dual-lane feeder belt improves efficiency with double the stock capacity, saving you valuable time.

Drugs can be dispensed directly from the feeder belt and become immediately available.

The gripper is designed to handle multiple items with similar measurements at the same time.

When products are taken from the feeder belt and placed on the shelves, the first item in each row is always placed at the front of the shelf. This minimises the time required for stocking, stock movement and dispensing, as well as reducing energy consumption, and wear and tear on your robot.

Robot door with integrated dispensing flap.

For packing and bulk dispensing the height of the tray beneath the dispensing flap can be adjusted to your box height.

If the robot door needs to be opened, the box does not have to be removed. It can remain in place on the tray when the door swings open. The guiding track of the height-adjustable tray fits discretely into the narrow gap between the glass panel and the door frame.

Multiple dispensing points.

Dispensing points can be adapted to support the pharmacy dispensary design requirements with up to twelve delivery points. 

It takes approximately 10 seconds* for a single item to be dispensed from the robot. 

* The time between submission of the electronic request and delivery of an item to the requesting delivery point may be significantly longer, e.g. when multiple items have been requested at the same time, when it is necessary to remove and replace packages or bottles in order to access the requested item or when external conveying systems are used (e.g. conveyor belts); recommended guideline for planning: approx. 240 deliveries/hour.

State-of-the-art technology for utmost security.

The Consis C uses state-of-the-art technology in all areas of operation, from the user and control software to its mechanical and electronic components.

Central to this technology are the numerous sensors that ensure:

  • the robot can intelligently evaluate the situation and status of each operation and, where possible, find its own solutions for special cases;
  • qualified remote-support technicians can determine and understand all situations and statuses;
  • every robot movement can be controlled remotely, like a drone, and sensor measurements can be observed and evaluated in real time.

Two redundant computer systems and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that protects against data loss in the event of a power outage are included as standard.

Technical specifications.

Width: 1.435 mm


Width: 1.630 mm


Width: 1.930 mm


Mirror-image design also possible (i.e. feeder belt on left).

Stock dimensions Packages Bottles*
Minimum dimensions (mm)
15 x 15 x 35 (w x h x d)
45 x 15 (diameter x h)
Maximum dimensions (mm)
145 x 140 x230 (w x h x d)
140 x 145 (diameter x h)
5 - 1000
5 - 1000

* Additional limitations includes: bottles with package leaflets attached to the side and overhanging tabs on bottle tops.

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