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Willach is the only company to provide you with choice when it comes to pharmacy dispensing automation. We use an evidence-based approach to work with you to determine if chaotic or channel pharmacy robotic technology works in your unique circumstances.

All our pharmacy robot automation solutions enable fast and precise dispensing of medicines as well as providing practical and easy software solutions saving you time, space and money.

Consis B2

The CONSIS.B - fast, compact, efficient.

The compact design of the CONSIS.B channel robotic dispensing system has a smaller footprint which supports efficient dispensary workflow. The CONSIS.B series has a range of options to suit individual operational requirements such as dispensing type and volume to deliver maximum flexibility and performance. The robot is supported with the latest user interface offering increased insights into your robotic stock management.

CONSIS C Willach

The latest in pharmacy robotic automation.

Latest technology with stunning design and great usability.

The new CONSIS.C pharmacy dispensing robot, built using the latest technology platform, meets the highest user requirements for functionality, ease of use and efficiency.

The sleek, modern lines of the CONSIS.C show that even the smallest of details have been thought of. With its large modern touch screen, dual laneway, and no visible screw heads, this machine is simply stunning.

CONSIS C Willach Pharmacy Automation

Intuitive user experience with large touchscreen.

The robot has an integrated touchscreen which controls all of its functions. The position of the input screen can be customised to the height of each user.

Fingerprint Reader

Password protection and a fingerprint reader facilitate simple and secure access to the control buttons, input screens and robot interior.

Fast Stocking

The feeder belt has two lanes, which speeds up the stocking process doubling the capacity of the feeding buffer.

Dispensing Robot door with integrated dispensing flap.

There are up to twelve delivery points available. The dispensing flap in the robot door is ideal for DAA packing stock collection. The guiding track of the height adjustable tray fits discretely into the narrow gap between the glass panel and the door frame.

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CONSIS C Willach




A range of options for individual needs

The CONSIS.B dispensing robot can be integrated into the workflow of your pharmacy seamlessly and without difficulty. The compact design takes up minimal space and delivers maximum flexibility and performance.

Automation to improve space utilisation.

The CONSIS C pharmacy robot was designed with pharmacists’ input and user requirements at the forefront of its development.

The sophisticated construction maximises storage capacity whilst still providing ample room should you need to access the interior.

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