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Willach is pleased to offer, at no additional cost, a comprehensive training program for all pharmacies who participate in the CONSIS Customer Care Program. 

Willach offers online, interactive short courses, called Skills Units, as well as workshop-based training options. This provides the flexibility to learn new skills where and at a time that best suits you. Our training program is built around practical hands on learning so that you can immediately apply your knowledge to your work.


The training program is structured across three experience levels. Once all skills units are completed at each level, a certificate of competition is provided. 


In each experience level the CONSIS Skills Units include:


CONSIS.A and CONSIS.B Machines

Training is provided across the CONSIS robotics range including A machines and B machines as well as the different user interfaces of Navigator and CTS.

A combined Fundamentals and Intermediate workshop training option is still offered in the Willach training facility in Melbourne for those who would prefer to learn in person. Advanced training is offered in each state annually. 

How Training is delivered

Types of CONSIS. Training

Online Training

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The CONSIS.B robotic dispenser can be integrated into the workflow of your pharmacy seamlessly and without difficulty. The compact design takes up minimal space and delivers maximum flexibility and performance.

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