CONSIS C Willach Pharmacy Automation

New CONSIS robot launches in Australia

Willach – Australia’s leading provider of dispensary storage solutions is excited to launch the latest in pack robotic technology – the CONSIS C machine. The C machine is based on a random chaotic technology and complements the line up the channel machine, sachet packing, and vision checking technology already on offer.

CONSIS C Willach

Meg Brideson, Managing Director shares “Some 17 years after the initial robotic installations in Australia the company and the technology has come a long way. The C machine was developed after a wide consultation with pharmacists and their staff, identifying the short comings of like products in the market. The machine itself is beautiful to look and is built on the latest technology platform with easy-to-use functionality. It is a natural extension to add this machine into our line-up. For customer this means we are genuinely able to present a number of solutions for their business, we are not locked into one machine type only. We undertake a thoughtful review into the dispensing data presenting owner with genuine options.”

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Willach’s German headquarters the CONSIS C features a large integrated touchscreen, simplified stocking using a belt to facilitate loading activities. The internal manipulator comes with the latest gripper technology including laser sensors and inbuilt camera’s facilitating remote monitoring and trouble shooting. Brideson states “In keeping with our enviable reputation of market leading support and service, the installation includes intensive training and excellent technical support. Our technicians are the best in the business and have received training in Germany, the first installations in Australia have been undertaken and the machines are easy to service and support.”

Brideson concludes “Dispensary efficiency is in our DNA and we welcome anyone who is interested in robotics to visit our Melbourne showroom or the machine in action in Sydney.”

To arrange for a visit or to speak with our sales team, contact us on 03-9429-8222 or send us an email info@willach.com.au

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