The Birth of CONSIS

The first CONSIS machine were fridge-sized channel robots with sloping shelves and a finger manipulator

Pharmacy Automation

In 1992, a request from a business partner in pharmacy accounting systems led to preliminary metal forming work for a channel storage robot for medicines.

The Centennial Building

In 1987, a start was made on converting the administrative building and renovating it for the 100th anniversary in 1989

FAMA Drawers

The first FAMA pharmacy drawer system was developed

World War 2

1936 to 1939 were boom years. Then WWII hit and again Willach lost many staff.  Against all odds, low level production continued with a handful of women employed.

The Split

The two founders of the company, Hugo and Otto seperated.

World War 1

Staff members had fallen to 44 due to military conscription. Production was stopped completely between 1915 to 1918

International Growth

Hugo Willach was heading abroad, as well as travelling at home, to obtain orders.

Staff now totals 75 employees

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